Amy Winehouse Show Is Back to Black

Amy Winehouse

London’s Daily Telegraph has reported that Koda, the Danish copyright agency, has withdrawn permission for the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen to use Amy Winehouse’s music in Amy, a play about the late British singer that was to open Jan. 30 starring Johanne Louise Schmidt. “It is Amy Winehouse’s father who has thrown a spanner in the works,” Koda spokesman Nicolaj Hylten-Cavallius told Agence France-Presse. Koda had previously given its approval, but shortly after the play was announced in October, Mitch Winehouse told Yahoo! News that the play was “a load of rubbish” and a blatant money-making exercise. Artistic Director Emmet Feigenberg responded that “the performance won’t be any cash cow,” since it would be performed only about a dozen times in the theater’s 220-seat venue. Written in Danish by the 11-member ensemble Det Røde Rum (The Red Room), the play was to depict the “enormous pressure a sensationalist public put on a young superstar when her problems began,” according to press materials, using interviews, speeches, and letters as well as songs from the albums Frank and Back to Black.

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