Professional Freelance Editing and Writing

“His intelligence and facility with language are among the best I’ve seen.”
– Stephen Sondheim

You’ve been searching the web for an editor, because:

  • You don’t have the time you need to proofread and check your work;
  • You want to polish your work, but grammar isn’t your strong point;
  • You know what to say, but you need help organizing your ideas;
  • You want a fresh pair of eyes to offer suggestions to improve your work.

Your search has ended.

I have worked on thousands of projects as a professional editor, shaping the prose of novice writers and Nobel laureates, and I look forward to working with you. A writer myself, I respect those who confront the blank page. I believe the ultimate goal of a good editor is to help writers connect with their audience. A good editor is:

  • Thoughtful: he treats each work with equal respect and consideration;
  • Honest: he is candid (but not unkind) in explaining how the work does or doesn’t achieve its goals;
  • Articulate: he has a strong command of language and how it can be used differently to connect with different audiences;
  • Humble: he realizes that it’s the writer’s work and not his.

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